Treasure Trooper
Hands down the best site you will ever come across for making money! I promise you that! The site has a high cash-out rate at $20 but you could EASILY get there in one day. The website is a pay-to-sign-up website where you get anywhere from 0.50 to 5.00 for completing free registrations!

Create a new email address for this because you will get a lot of spam mail completing registrations!

Check this site out though! It's not only quite a bit of fun, it's ridiculously easy to make a fortune. Check out the forums and there's people that have made over $500 in a year!


Sometimes Free is too Expensive...
Agloco is everywhere and this is your chance to hook onto only moments before it launches.
It is a paid to surf program that adds a tiny toolbar to your surfing and that's it. You just surf the internet like you usually do and you earn money through the toolbar!
How amazing is that! It launches in March so sign up now!

A Pair Of
This is by far the best site for making money without doing anything at all. You'll make about twelve cents a day for clicking on somewhere between 15-20 links.

Think about it this way...12 cents a day...365 days a year...approximately $43.80 for just sitting at your computer doing what you usually do. Not too shabby eh?

Classical Mail
Classical Mail is a great pay-per-click program because it has a cash-out possibility at only 50 cents, and considering you make close to 10 cents a day, you're looking at getting some money into your account within 6 to 7 days! That's about 28 dollars a year for once again just clicking on a few links a day!
The word Mylot above refers to a great pay-per-post discussion forum. You know those sites where there's a giant discussion on your favourite music, team, or book? Well this site is the exact same, with over 80,000 users and everyone gets paid to post and upload random photos!
Click on the word MyLot for more details and to start earning today!

Google Adsense

If you have a website, check out Google Adsense. Subscribing to the quickly growing money making website will help you earn substantial revenue on your website.
Google Adsense gives you a small amount (very small, as in 0.05 of a cent) for every visitor that goes to your website, but if you have a website with around 100 visitors a day you can make about a dime a day. However, if someone clicks on your Adsense ads, you're revenue will skyrocket!
It's a legit system that is sure to make you an addict! Check it out!
PayDayNight is more a mystery PTC site because I always forget to check mine so I haven't made a lot of money yet. It's not a bad site though! You can open multiple windows at once and the cash-out is a low $1.
Check that out!

Earn By Mails
This website has absolutely no requirement to cashout, you just have to be a member for 14 days. After that you can cashout whenever you want, even if you only have 10 cents in your account! You won't make a lot of money on this site unless you're dedicated and click on every email, but sign up if you do want to purchase some penny candies.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007